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Reclaimed Antique Wood

With materials available such as antique heart pine, antique oak, and antique douglas fir, the HeartPine Company can supply you with  beams and paneling to give your project a warm and ageless feel.

It starts with an old building …

One day you are driving a beautiful country road  and pass an old run down barn sitting out in an field. From the quick glance you may consider this structure abandoned and having no further use. The roof may have collapsed and the wood might represent the next big neighborhood bonfire. The Father and son team of Richard Sr. and Richard Jr. Morgan see it differently. Here is where step one of the reclaiming of the Heartpine Company’s antique wood products begins. Each piece of wood is carefully inspected and hand picked to produce a pristine and beautifully crafted flooring, cabinetry or post and beam construction.

… or an abandoned factory building.

Heartpine Company maintains relationships with several demolition sites of old aging abandoned factories. Since heartpine was in abundance during the time period that these building were being erected, most of the post, beams and decking were constructed from this material. Typically the decking was finished off with a maple flooring. This type of construction enabled the factories to place heavy machinery on the floors without any additional support.

Sourcing our materials

Heartpine Company has been in the wood business for over 13 years. Over these years the Morgans have developed an extensive network of wood suppliers. These relationships compliment the extensive inventory already maintained by the Heartpine Company and allows for a wide range of products offered. All woods must pass a rigorous quality control process implemented by Father and Son. The customer can rest assured that they are receiving the finest quality available.

Custom Cherry Cabinetry

These custom cherry cabinets were produced for a elegant home at the Greenbrier.  With our skilled craftsman, we able to produce the cabinetry that you will be the center piece of you home.  Cabinets can be produce from our antique lumber or any domestic wood species of your choice.

Poplar Forest Renovation

In 1806, Thomas Jefferson began building his Octangular home Poplar Forest in Bedford, Virginia.  Even though Jefferson designed and built many homes, Poplar Forest was only the second home that he built for himself. In 1814, Thomas Jefferson designed and built a wing off of his home Poplar Forest.  The wing contained a unique “serrated” roof system consisting of a hidden layers of ridge and gutter rooflets beaneath a terras deck.  The HeartPine Company supplied the restoration  craftsman of Poplar Forest with material in which they produced about 4,500 heart pine shingles.

Post & Beam Construction

With materials available such as antique heart pine, antique oak, antique douglas fir, or other domestic woods like oak, fir, or western red cedar, the HeartPine Company can supply you with the beams and paneling to complete your timber frame project.

Custom Cabinetry

Whether it is kitchens, entertainment centers, or even a private antique heart pine wine room, the Heartpine Company has the material and the craftsman to produce exactly what you are looking for to complete your home.

Heart Pine Staircase

To complement you custom floor the Heart Company can provide you with stair components to match any of the floors that we produce.

Hit or Miss Oak

Hit or Miss oak adds a rustic charm to any environment.


The Materials

The HeartPine Company not only inventories antique materials including a combination of heart pine, oak, and chestnut, we also have supplies of flat sawn white oak, rift and quartered white oak, walnut, cherry, ash, and maple. We take great care in finding only the finest building materials to work with.

Case Studies

Whether we're reclaiming wood from a tobacco barn for a den, assisting renovation projects at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest or Jamestown, let us bring the beauty of antique building materials to your next project.


From time to time, we come across fabulous finds and surplus materials that we have made available for sale. Like these factory carts for sale in limited quantities.