Reclaimed Flooring

Synonymous with Antique Wood, Reclaimed Wood constitutes the majority of the material used in Heartpine Company’s products.

Most of these woods come from an old building that has out lived its time of usefulness, an old barn or even an old fence. Where most may see the structure as dilapidated or “run down”, we see it as a piece of working history that has a story to tell. Heartpine Company possesses a strong passion to find and reclaim this majestic timber, and turn it into an exceptional finished product to meet your design and building needs.

Long Leaf Antique Heart Pine

Heartpine, or commonly referred to as “Old Longleaf Pine” or “The King’s Pine,” is often salvaged from old historic buildings and structures.

The molecular make-up of these timbers is very dense with tight growth rings. Typically, the heartwood bears the hue of a reddish-brown color, that darkens with age. Original longleaf heartpine grew to be three to five hundred years old. One could find these majestic trees from the coast of Virginia to the great state of Texas. These woods have a strength approximating oaks that wears well on floors and millwork. Long leaf antique heart pine flooring not only commands nostalgia in many historical sites but represents great American heritage and tradition.

The Heartpine Company offers four exquisite grades of Long Leaf Antique Heart Pine flooring along with custom milling to achieve the ultimate design and building product.

Vertical Grain


Vertical Antique Heartpine Flooring consists of 100 percent heartwood milled from beams which is laced with very tight growth rings and has very few knot and nail hole content. As nature has intended, this Vertical Grain falls into the highest quality category and is well suited for the up-most in a formal setting.

  • Widths Available: 2.5” – 5” (wider widths available in limited quantities only)
  • Lengths: 2’ – 12’+

Naily Grade


Naily Antique Heartpine Flooring is milled from outside cuts of beams and decking consisting of 70 – 100 percent heartwood. The color of this grade will also have red, amber and slightly golden hues. The character of this wood is varied. Not only will you find solid knots and heavy nail hole patterns but one might find saw marks, scars from abuse and even some leftover old paint. Naily Grade may be the most environmental sound flooring that Heartpine Company has to offer. This because we are able to use all of the wood when producing this flooring product.

  • Widths Available: 2.5” – 12”
  • Lengths: 2’ – 12’+

Select Grade


Select Antique Heartpine Flooring is milled from beams consisting of 95 – 100 percent heartwood with tight growth ring patterns, amber and slightly golden color variation combined with occasional solid knot and nail hole. Select Grade is Heartpine Company’s most versatile flooring and as nature has intended, will fit most traditional and non-traditional flooring need with elegance and grace.

  • Widths Available: 2.5” – 12”
  • Lengths: 2’ – 12’+

Traditional Grade


Traditional Antique Heartpine Flooring is milled from beams and decking consisting of 85 – 100 percent heartwood with predominantly red, amber and slightly golden color variation, with an occasional pale colored sap wood. Also, this grade will have more frequent larger solid knots as well as more nail hole content. The Traditional Grade showcases the natural beauty and character of the original wood.

  • Widths Available: 2.5” – 12”
  • Lengths: 2’ – 12’+

Tobacco Wood



Tobacco barns were once a common site on farms through out the Virginias and Carolinas.  These barns were used to cure to tobacco that was produced on these farms.  During this curing process, the material that the barn was produced from, took on a beauty that only mother nature could provide.  In milling this floor, we have taken great care to preserve than natural patina, saw kerf marks, and the other characteristics that make this floor unique.  With a mixture of browns and reds, along with occasional nail holes, this floor will be the highlight of any home.

  • Widths Available: 2.5” – 12”
  • Lengths: 2’ – 12’+

Antique Oak



The HeartPine Company manufactures its antique oak flooring from material that was once used in barns and other old buildings located throughout the Shenandoah Valley and the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.  This beautiful reclaimed flooring is a mix or red and white oaks with wonderful colors ranging from golden browns to light reds.  With random small nail and worm holes, along with occasional stress cracks, this authentic reclaimed wood flooring will add warmth to your home.

  • Widths Available: 2.5” – 12”
  • Lengths: 2’ – 12’+

Hit or Miss


Specialized milling techniques allows this unique floor to show the character and natural colors that only mother nature can provide from the oak boards and beams that were exposed to the eliminates over the life time of the structure that the oak was reclaimed from.  Our milling process allows the rustic nature of this floor to stand out by leaving just enough sawn kerf to highlight the original surface of the wood, while exposing the wonderful patina’s trapped underneath.

  • Widths Available: 2.5” – 12”
  • Lengths: 2’ – 12’+

Horse Country


A mix or red and white oak with varying grain patterns, allows this reclaimed oak floor this shine in any home.  As rich in character, as it is in its own history, these reclaimed boards from farms throughout the mid-Atlantic have been remilled to show off their dark patina and uniqueness of this wonderful floor.

  • Widths Available: 4.5″, 3” – 5”
  • Lengths: 1′ – 8’+

Antique Chestnut


American chestnut was once a dominant wood species in the mid Atlantic region of the United States. Chestnut was considered to be one of the favorite building materials used during the reconstruction after the Civil War.  Unfortunately, due to a blight at the turn of the 20th century, it is now extinct.  Chestnut ranges in color from light golden to chocolate brown and can be scattered with small worm holes.

  • Widths Available: 2.5” – 12”
  • Lengths: 2’ – 12’+

Domestic Old Growth

Old Growth is the term used to describe timber that has been harvested from an “Old Growth Forest.”

These forests contain trees which have attained great age and associated structural attributes and so exhibits unique ecological features. The wood from these trees is of superior quality and is far more compact than that of newer lumber. The Heartpine Company makes it a priority to offer the finest in Old Growth woods products.

Select White Oak


Select white oak has to ability to be used in multiple setting from the most formal home to a rustic cabin.  It is beautiful in it’s natural color but due to the nature of this wood it is easily stained to match any color pallet.

Rustic White Oak


Harvested from old growth timbers in the Appalachian region, white oak adds a rustic elegance with a combination of solid knots, mineral streaking, and dense grain patterns only found in oak.  Being one of the hardest domestic woods available, white oak will last more than a lifetime to be shared not only by you but by generations to come.

Select Quartersawn White Oak


With a mix of both quartersawn and rift sawn, this formal floor will be the envy of the neighborhood.  When the old growth logs are custom sawn to provide in the age-old technique of “quatersawing”, this provides you with a beautiful characteristic called “ray fleck”.  These floors are beautiful both left natural or custom stained to match your home.

Rustic Quartersawn White Oak


This floor contains the same characteristic as select quartersawn floors, but it’s rustic quality is brought out with solid knots, mineral streaking, and the occasional worm hole.  These unique characteristics allow this floor to be the centerpiece of any remote get way, to the most formal setting.

Rustic Cherry


Cherry has long been priced for it being deep red patina that seems constantly dark with time.  This beautiful floor will be highlighted by various knots, small infrequent stress cracks, and character that only old growth cherry could provide.

Rustic Hickory


Hickory is known through the country as being a wood that is both very hard and diverse in the dramatic colors in which it contains.  These colors range from whites, to creams, to dark chocolates.  Our hickory will have both a combination of knots and color variations that will fit in almost any home.

Rustic Walnut


Walnut has been prized for centuries by cabinet makers around the world.  The unique burl and grain configuration of this beautiful wood only adds to the knots and color variations of the old growth material.  This floor is ideal for formal and rustic interiors.